Maximilian Golla

Postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Security and Privacy in Bochum, Germany

Hi there!


I'm a postdoctoral researcher interested in usable security and privacy. While I studied computer science, I later specialized in information security and developed an interest for usability and human factors in computer security.

During my PhD, I focused on exploring the usability and security of password-based user authentication. At the time, I was a scholar of the DFG (German Research Foundation) research training group UbiCrypt. I worked extensively with Blase Ur from SUPERgroup LogoSUPERgroup at the University of Chicago and Adam J. Aviv from GWUSEC LogoGWUSEC Lab at the George Washington University. I received my PhD in 2019 from RUB LogoRuhr University Bochum, where I was advised by Prof. Dr. Markus Dürmuth.

Since October 2019, I'm a postdoc at the MPI-SP LogoMax Planck Institute for Security and Privacy in Bochum, Germany. The research of our group at MPI-SP focuses on computer security, privacy, and human-computer interaction (HCI). We are especially working on methods to help users make better security and privacy decisions, as well as, to make complex computer systems more usable for non-technical users.



  • Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) Summa cum laude (With highest honors)
  • Master of Science (M.Sc., Engineer) Very good
    • IT Security - Network & Systems
    • «Graphical Fallback Authentication»
    • Ruhr University Bochum
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng., Engineer) Good
    • Computer Science - Communication in Distributed Systems
    • «Security Audit of a Web Interface for Building Automation»
    • University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt