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Last update: April 2023

Open Positions


Are you interested in joining the lab? That's awesome! We are always looking for new collaborators.

  • Postdoctoral Researcher:
    If you like to expand your area of expertise, grow your professional network, or are just looking for new collaboration options. Our team is eager to work with and learn from you. Please get in touch with me here: [Postdoc].
  • Ph.D. Student:
    We are always looking for new Ph.D. students. CISPA offers fully funded 4-year Ph.D. positions and comes with excellent working conditions, such as a competitive salary, social security, 30 days of vacation, good infrastructure, and generous travel support. Please also check out the information on the Graduate School of Computer Science. Please apply here: [Ph.D.].
  • Undergraduate/Masters Student:
    If you want to learn more about usable privacy and security research, you can support our group in ongoing research projects. Students at Saarland University can apply for a paid student assistant position (up to 19hrs a week). Please apply here: [HiWi]. We also have several ideas for interesting theses. If you are considering writing your thesis at our group, please contact us here: [Thesis].

Expectations & Requirements


We are looking for people that are passionate about and motivated to contribute towards our goal of making computer privacy and security easier for everyone. A technical background (e.g., statistics or programming) is a plus but not a requirement. We reward creativity and integrity, are determined to conduct research that is impactful and helpful and care about inclusion and ethics in our research. We maintain a trustworthy, inclusive, and safe space and are looking for new colleagues motivated to contribute and interested in making new friends. Good English skills (knowledge of German is not required) and a bachelor's/master's degree in Computer Science or related fields like Psychology (those may require additional courses) are required.


  • Passionate about usable privacy and security
  • Willingness to contribute to an enjoyable and friendly team atmosphere
  • Degree in Computer Science or related fields
  • Good English skills (knowledge of German is not required)

Our Research


Our team tackles important privacy and security challenges by applying their background in Computer Science and Psychology. Most of our work focuses on the intersection between human behavior and technical security, including computer security, privacy, and human-computer interaction (HCI). We are particularly interested in end-user behavior with a strong focus on user authentication and privacy controls. We mainly use empirical methods, either quantitatively or qualitatively, and usually conduct highly interdisciplinary work. This often includes online and in-lab studies with prototypes, surveys, and interviews.

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